Options WordPress Theme 1.3.1, an amazing magazine theme

This is the official text about the descontinued Options theme, made by Justin Tadlock, I put the last version in the web to our comunity implement the Hybrid Framework using some examples of Options Theme. But, if you want to use it, fill free!

Version 1.3.1 of the Options WordPress theme

I know many of you have been waiting for the next installment of Options because WordPress 2.7 is rapidly approaching and you’d like to try out some of the new features.

I had originally planned to roll out a revamped version 1.4, but I’m thinking that’s going to take a month or so of testing and code tweaking.

Instead, I put together a minor release — version 1.3.1 — that’ll let you take advantage of threaded comments. Each of the child theme’s style.css files have had some minor tweaks to the comments section to style these.

The future of Options

There might be a little concern that Options won’t get as much attention as my Hybrid theme. This is true and not true.

Version 1.4, when it’s released, will probably be the last major overhaul of the theme. I’ll still keep the theme updated with bug fixes and adding the ability to handle new WordPress features, but there won’t be any more feature sets added to the theme afterward.

Options will be at a point where it’s fairly stable and won’t need too many changes. Also, for those of you on the cutting edge, I’ll be releasing Version 1.4 Alpha for testing in the next few days.

What you need to know

This release as well as all newer versions are for WordPress 2.7+ only. To upgrade, simply delete your previous options folder and replace it with the new one.

The Blue Danube, Options Light, and Shadow child themes are packaged with this release as before, so your directory structure should look like this: